Friday, May 29, 2009

North America vs. Australia

North America vs. Australia

Whenever I play risk there are always three ways to play:

  • 1. Take over North America.

  • 2. Take over Australia.

  • 3. Try to take over some other country and fucking lose.

So which strategy is better? The answer is obvious. North America. While Australia is far smaller to take over and has only one entry point, it only offers you two additional armies. Compared to the five you make from North America that is absolutely nothing. Furthermore, North America only has three entry points, totally defendable.

The other major thing is that if you take Australia your only course of action is to attack Asia, which as we all know is a black hole of awful in the game. If you take North America you can easily grab South America, giving you control of the whole left side of the board, and potentially the game.

When you win the next time you play risk you can thank me by yelling: "DRU FOR THE WIN" whenever you attack. Don't worry... I'll hear it.

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