Friday, May 29, 2009

The New Deal vs. Postfontaine

The New Deal vs. Postfontaine

Has yet to be decided, and it will be decided by you.

Two improv groups, one night, two challenges, a winner will be decided.

Come out Sunday night (May 31st) at 9:30 to the Magnet Theatre (254 W. 29th Street, NY NY) to root for defending champs The New Deal (Dru Johnston, Noah Forman, Alex Demers) as they face Postfontaine (Jesse Lee, Amber Leah Kindaid, Tom McGrath, Kate Riley, Scott Courlander, Chris McKeever, and Matt Klinman).

This post is kinda one of those choose your own adventure posts.

But if the fight were between FDR and Prefontaine, FDR would trounce him... unless Pre ran away really quickly.

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